Pixel Gun 3D New 5.3.0 Update! (New Guns, New Deadly Games Map and More!)

pixel gun 3d 5.3.0
Pixel Gun 3d Hack
pixel gun 3d 5.3.0

ANOTHER awesome update from RiliSoft!


There is pixel gun 3d cheats and pixel gun 3d 5.3.0.

Honestly, RiliSoft dosen’t fail to impress!

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I’m reuploading this because I accidentally removed the original upload when I was deleting private videos. Sorry if I disappoint the people that watched the original upload! 🙁

Original Description: I love how there are bundles and servers now in this update so this is very amazing. WHAT A GUCCI!!!!!!!

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I’m definitely going to enjoy this update! You will too!

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Don’t do that again RiliSoft, you left me hangin’! Lol

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The HellRaiser: If you ain’t wearin armor, it’s OP as F. The Pumpkin Thrower is self explanatory: dangerous, yet fun. What do you think of these guns? Say it in the comments section below.

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